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One-Time Order

Purchase any meals off our menu. This ordering method is perfect for one time orders and customizing your cart.

Fast Packs

One-Time Order

Select the meal pack that makes sense for your lifestyle and we'll do the rest! You can select breakfast and entrees or entrees only. Get selective or let our system randomly pick for you - your options are (almost) endless.

Meal Subscription - Weekly Service

Recurring Order

Create your account in minutes, set your dietary preferences, choose how many meals you want weekly and we will take care of the rest. This option can be "click it and forget it" or you can change it up weekly. YOU have the power!

Custom MEP Meals

One-Time Order

Your food, your way! Simply select what you want and how much, and we make it for you! This option is great for those on a specific meal plan or have specific likes and dislikes. Enjoy!

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